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Title Loans in Temple, Texas

When you own your own car and experience short term financial hardship, you may not be aware that there are loan options readily available to you through companies like us. These are called title loans. If you have never heard of title loans before, you have been missing out on a real and viable possibility for meeting your shorter term cash and funding needs.

Title loans prove to be short time frame cash advances which financial companies will extend to you if only you own your car and possess the title to it as well. It is your vehicle which actually becomes the collateral for your loan. By giving the lender the title to your car, this becomes security against your loan. After you pay down the loan, you receive back your car title.

Forget about your financial problems.

Applying for title loans in Temple, Texas is only a matter of filling in easy application entirely online from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Assuming you have the title, approval is all but assured. Funds are then typically direct deposited straight into your bank account. Alternatively you can go down to a lender location to pick up the cash for a Temple title loan.

Online Application

The whole process begins by filling in the online title loan form. A representative for Temple title loans will then contact you back immediately. In some cases we may require you to come down to the physical location with your vehicle for inspection, but usually you only need to send us your car title. We will also be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have in the process.

Get up to 10K

You could be eligible to obtain as much as $10,000. This will heavily depend on the type, make, model, and condition of your vehicle (which determines its ultimate value) as well as the standards of qualification and how well you meet these.

Types of vehicles
accepted as collateral

Many Bloomington Title Solutions prospective customers like to know if they can utilize title loans with other kinds of vehicles on which they physically hold the title. It is up to the individual lender as to whether or not they will accept such special circumstances for loan approval. It is always a good idea to talk with customer service regarding the specifics of the precise vehicle in question first.


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Special rules for Texas Title Loans

It is imperative that your car be titled in the state of Texas in order to obtain such credit and loan services. If you already have a remaining balance on an existing title loan with a competitor, the new lender can pay off the old loan and deduct this payoff amount from the cash disbursal of the new title loan.

Requirements for a Title Loan Approval

For individuals who are concerned about income with these title loans, you will need at least some type of income which is verifiable in order to qualify. This could be retirement pensions or even social security checks, so long as there is a real source of income with which to pay down the loan and CSO fees.

If you have lost or misplaced your physical copy of your vehicle title, you can pick up another duplicate copy from your County Tax Office. You will still have the use of your vehicle while it is collateral for the loan.

Ability to cancel a Title Loan in Texas

Sometimes, people will decide that they no longer require or want the loan. You may have a three day cooling off period in which you may return the money to cancel out the transaction, depending on the lender. There are no penalty or interest fees if you take this option. It makes such loans truly risk free.

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